Nepali Diaspora in Finland

Nepali Diaspora in Finland
It is already more than 30 years that first Nepali landed here. Nepali population has been growing gradually. Now it has reached nearly 2000 (see chart and table).

Though most of Nepali people are living in Helsinki region, many are also staying at different cities in Finland.

As numbers grow, diversity is also changing. Some Nepali people have started entrepreneur-ship. Many are student and some are working. Nepali entrepreneurship has long history. First business was established around 1992 with name “Himalaya Ravintola”. Most of entrepreneur-ships are focused in restaurant business. Nowadays, entrepreneurship is growing in other sector such as technology, grocery store etc. Student sector is one of the biggest one. Finland is one of popular destination for Nepali students because of its well-known, high-tech and free education. Though Nepali people started to come here for study since 1998, bigger flow started from 2005/2006.

In reality, it is quite difficult to get job here in own profession. So, newcomer should be aware about study to acquire better grade and make good connection with people of corporate houses, University professors and also important to improve Finnish language skill. It is not that impossible to get job in own study field. Many Nepali graduates are working in well-known companies. We are the most employed community among immigrants in Finland.

Another attraction for Nepalese students is to go for higher studies like PhD. Quite a few students have succeed to get paid PhD or Post-doc positions. They are paid by either university or re-search institutions.