The purpose of the Association is to cherish and promote familiarity with and engagement in the Nepalese culture and history in Finland. Furthermore, the Association’s purpose is to promote cultural, academic and social interaction between Finns and Nepalese People as well as friendly relations between Finland and Nepal. The Association aims also to unite Nepalese people living in Finland and to help them adapt to the Finnish society,
To fulfil its aims, the Association:
 organizes cultural events, discussions, meetings, celebrations, displays and other educational events
 engages in information dispensing and publication activities
 engages in research and advisory activities
 may organize trips to Nepal for its members
 works in cooperation with the International Co-ordination Council
 functions in other similar manners to fulfil its aims.
In order to support its activities, the Association collects membership fees, may accept donations and testaments, organizes leisure events with a participation fee as well as schooling events. Furthermore, the Association may carry out the collection of contributions and organize lotteries upon gaining the required permission. Also, with the proper permission, the Association may engage in its events in the selling of alcoholic beverages and food.