Changa Chet (Kite Fight)

Sanzaal a group of enthusiastic youth residing in Helsinki proudly present the “Changa Chet” Event with the theme of welcoming our biggest festival Dashain Festival in Helsinki.The event is happening on 13th September 2014 , Saturday and details can be found in following link. Organizer will provide ”Changa Chet” wrist bands to all the participants. Participating feee for the Changa Chet is 10 Euro per person where organizer will provide 5 kites and one lattai. If you are not participating, you can still buy ”Changa Chet” wrist band at a price of 1€/band to show your support to our event.

Competition Information and rules
1. We have 240 Kites (Changa) and 10 Thread holders (Lattai) for the competition.
2. Each participant will get 5 kites and 1 thread holder for 10€, plus ‘’Changa Chet – Kite Fight’’ wristband.
3. The competition will start at 11 am.
4. There will be 5 groups and each group consists of 10 participants.
5. Each group will compete for 1 hour i.e. Group 1 (11-12), Group 2 (12-1 pm) and so on.
6. We will select 2 best participants from each round to the Grand Finale.
7. Points will be awarded according to the number of ‘’chets’’ (1 point/cut) and if more then 2 players will have the same points then the one with less number of kites will be eliminated. (IMP: We will have volunteers on the spot to determine who made the cut, so please cooperate!!)
8. The Grand Finale will have a total of early signs of genital warts | ohnerezeptfreikauf… (e.g. in or around the vagina, anus … women who have recently had unprotected sex and are looking for early signs of genital warts will either have to … 10 participants (2 from each group). It is a knockout system. We will provide a kite to each participant. If your kite is cut then you are out. The sole survivor will be the CHAMPION !!

We request all the Nepalese people residing in Finland to support the event and make it successful.

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